Mike Rowe – Bring Your Passion

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Mike Rowe Bring Your Passion Poster
Mike Rowe Bring Your Passion Poster

Hey Mike,

You inspire me and I want to return the favor. For the past several years I have been involved with SkillsUSA. As you know it is a nationwide organization that promotes skilled work to middle school, high school and college age students. Each year my community college students compete in events like graphic design, commercial printing, photography and more. This is not an easy commitment and keeping up with the competition schedule requires significant effort. Suffice it to say my RCC ADM students rise to the occasion and regularly win gold at the national competitions. This is where you come in Mike. Every year that I have attended you have made a special appearance. I especially enjoy your presentation with the Koch Foundation. It is always fun to hear you share your message of hard work and the value of a dirty job.

As I listened to you this year I pulled out my sketch book and jotted down a few notes. I also drew up some ideas for a campaign promoting what you said. In particular I wanted to capture your quote “bring your passion.” As you say, when you’re young it is foolish to “follow your passion.” Contestants on American Idol do that. Success and happiness in life and work comes when you “bring your passion” to whatever you do. This resonated with me because that’s what I like to do. When I first started teaching at the community college I wasn’t passionate about it. It was a job and a means to an end. How wrong that attitude was. I have learned over time to bring what I love into the classroom and make the most of the graphics program I have inherited.  The same goes for SkillsUSA. If I can do a little bit of illustration and art to support you and SkillsUSA, sign me up. This illustration is the first of a few ideas I have for this campaign.

Cheers Mike! I hope you like it.

Your friend, Patrick.