Stranger Things Ambigram

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Stranger Things Ambigram by Patrick Scullin.
Stranger Things Ambigram by Patrick Scullin.


Here is my rendition of the Stranger Things Title as an ambigram. Enjoy!

As a child of the 80’s I too was caught up by the pop culture phenom of the summer called “Stranger Things.” Just like everyone else I binged watched every episode with delight and I can’t wait for more. Ever since I watched it I’ve been wanting to create my own fan art dedicated to the show. I sketched out a number of ideas but kept waiting for something really good to hit me. Well it finally did while teaching my typography class. Each year, in my typography class I have my students create an ambigram out of a word(s) of their choice. While discussing it with them I realized that “Stranger Things” is screaming for an ambigram. Especially when you think of the “upside down” concept of the show. From that point on I set out to conquer this idea because I knew it would work. While my students worked on theirs I worked on mine. What follows is a bit of my creative process and the debut of my finished Stranger Things Ambigram.

Typography is a passion of mine and thanks to the expert tutelage of Cheryl Savala one of my typography instructors, I learned to love ambigrams. There is something unique and special about drawing type and figuring out how to make it work. Cheryl and her studio Menagerie Creative is responsible for this well-known typographic beauty for The Princess Bride. Cheryl’s work is a great inspiration to me and I use it often explain these concepts to my students.

When it came to developing my type own Stranger Things type I knew I needed to start with the original. I found this awesome video on the actual title design by Imaginary Forces. You should watch it.

The only way to figure out an ambigram is to sketch it out first. For a basic idea on how to sketch ambigrams check out these youtube videos by Andrew Lorimer-Derham.

The title font for Stranger Things was Benguiat and I knew my design needed look like it. My first attempt was to combine each word separately thereby making it possible to “stack” the two words like the original logo. After working it out on paper I realized that “stacking” would never work because when flipped upside down the text would read “things stranger” instead of “stranger things.”

stranger things ambigram sketch

Back to the drawing board I went to try drawing the ambigram as a complete phrase instead. After a lot of sketching and refining the solution finally came. My favorite bit is the symmetrical pairing of the “e” and the “r” in the middle of the logo. I also love the way the “t-h-i” hide between the “t-r-a-n” when turned upside down.

stranger things ambigram sketch

Special thanks to Mason Rosenquist who helped me complete the vector version of my design.

stranger things ambigram sketch by patrick scullin

Well Universe, there you have it… an upside down tribute to Stranger Things in the form of an ambigram by Patrick Scullin.