Snape Fan Supports the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer

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$5 of every tee sold goes to #CurePC

I was shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Alan Rickman, famed actor from films as varied as Die Hard and Harry Potter. I have no connection to the man other than to say that I enjoyed his work and I am sorry that he is no longer with us. Like many of my friends he is someone I recognize from some of my favorite films. In his honor I dashed off a logo design, based on one I had done for Han Solo a few weeks ago. I promptly started sharing it as a way to offer my condolences.

Later I started researching what happened to Rickman and was surprised to learn that he died as a result of pancreatic cancer. This type of cancer has reared its ugly head in my family in the past. It is a horrible disease that rarely goes detected until it is too late. Knowing this I decided to modify my original design and create something for cancer awareness. It also occurred to me that I could create a small campaign and create shirts that would support the #CurePC campaign. This is my own small effort to do something positive in light of sad news. What has resulted is the following announcement:

From now until February 15th, 2016 I am selling a limited number of “Always Fight” T-shirts on my website. These preorders will be filled after February 15th. I pledge that $5 of every t-shirt sold will be donated to the #CurePC Campaign supported by the Lustgarten Foundation. Those wishing to join me in this effort, please pass the word.

With your help maybe we can make our own bit of magic…

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